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Welcome to Allegheny Physical Medicine, PC
Bethel Park Chiropractor Serving all of Pittsburgh, PA and the Tri-State Area

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A state of the art health care facility designed to provide the very best of care. The integration of knowledge, experience, and the caring attitude of our practitioners enables us to deliver a form of health care that is unique. This approach is very effective and unfortunately something most people have never experienced.

It is our philosophy to provide our patients with quality care in a friendly atmosphere. Our caring and concerned staff works together to create a pleasant patient experience. Convenient hours, ample parking, and no waiting are also appreciated by our patients. Our staff doctors attend numerous continuing education conferences and programs to stay abreast of new developments in patient care.

What Makes Us Different?

Bethel Park Chiropractor offices may appear to be all the same. What makes us unique is the quality of the care we offer. By combining chiropractic care
and medical treatments you get the benefits of both specialties, offering you enhanced care that is proving to be more effective than most in treating musculoskeletal disorders.
We make it easy to get the care you need. By correctly indentifying the problem and providing the specialty care needed, the patient usually responds quicker and with more lasting results due to the services provided at our office.

What is Chiropractic Care?
The purpose of Chiropractic care is restore and maintain the health of the whole person and not just treat isolated symptoms or diseases. It is aimed at restoring and maintaining normal structure, joint, muscle and nervous system functions. Chiropractic services personalize care to help create the potential
for well being and improve the quality of life, rather than just focusing on illness.

Bethel Park Chiropractor that has been a trusted member of the Pittsburgh medical community since 1992. We specialize in chronic back pain, sciatica, sports injuries, neck pain, and auto accident injuries. We also offer acupuncture, physiotherapy and nutritional counseling.

Can you help me with injuries from an auto accident?
Yes, we specialize in auto accident injuries. Please check out our Auto Accident Guide: What to Do for information on what steps to take if you've been in an auto accident.